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CBS Weekend News (HD, New) Veteran news anchors present up-to-date coverage of important events and headlining developments from all across the nation and around the world.
60 Minutes (HD, New, TV-PG) Steve Kroft explores the strength of Google's power as critics express their concerns; correspondent Norah O'Donnell meets with former Theranos employees.
NCIS: Los Angeles A Line in the Sand (HD, New, TV-14) A suspect offers new information about the whereabouts of the man who had taken Mosley's son, which sends the team on a dangerous mission to rescue him.
NCIS: Los Angeles Ninguna Salida (HD, New, TV-14) A suspect offers new information about the whereabouts of the man who had taken Mosley's son, which sends the team on a dangerous mission to rescue him.

Gimme a Break! Rodeo (TV-PG) An ill Grandpa takes Joey to the rodeo, but when his illness takes a turn for the worse, he is rushed to the hospital and is in jeopardy of losing his life.
Welcome Back Kotter Frog Day Afternoon (TV-PG) Arnold refuses to take part in the next biology class experiment, dissecting a frog, even though it is a requirement for a passing grade; he stages a protest.
Maude The Slumlord (TV-PG) When Maude finds a black man picketing in front of her house, she is shocked to discover she unwittingly owns a rundown apartment building.
Three's a Crowd The New Mr. Bradford (TV-PG) Jack pushes Mr. Bradford out of the path of a runaway bus, and saving his life, and Bradford is so grateful for the act and treats him much better.
The Ropers Of Mice and Horses (TV-PG) Ethel is told by her mother that Helen owns a horse figurine that is supposedly from the Ming Dynasty and it worth thousands of dollars.
Three's Company Jack's 10 (TV-PG) Larry fixes Jack up on a blind date with a wealthy snob, who persuades Jack to marry her, but Terri and Janet do not approve.

Outdoors Delmarva
Bob's Burgers Boywatch (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Tina has difficulties with the training required to join the Junior Lifeguards; Bob's Burgers gets a boon when Bob and Linda decide to offer free Wi-Fi.
Bob's Burgers Mission Impos-slug-ble (HD, New, TV-PG) Louise comes up with a plan to take her confiscated collection of Burobu cards; Bob is forced to deliver a eulogy at an old acquaintance's funeral.
The Simpsons Flanders' Ladder (HD, New, TV-PG) After Bart is struck by lightning, he starts getting visited by ghosts who want to achieve a sense of closure that only he can offer.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake & Amy (HD, New, TV-14) The squad rushes to save Jake and Amy's wedding day; Capt. Holt is unsure about opening an email that will tell him the results of his commissioner campaign.
Family Guy Are You There God? It's Me, Peter (HD, New, TV-14) Peter has a personal encounter with God after he is sent into a coma, which prompts him to begin asking some of the toughest questions about life.

Noticias Telemundo Fin de semana (HD, New) Luis Carlos Vélez y Felicidad Aveleyra presentan reportajes y hacen un análisis de las noticias más importantes de Estados Unidos, América Latina y el mundo.
Parker (TV-14, R, **+) Un ladrón experto, que es traicionado por su equipo, que lo deja por muerto, decide usar un disfraz para vengarse mientras hace amistad con una mujer.
Luis Miguel, la serie (New)
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